Farm Balance Pty Ltd

Balancing Animal Nutrition



Farm Balance is known for it's wide range of exceptional vitamin and mineral supplements and outstanding customer service. We have a great sales team who works in partnership with stores to provide on-farm consultation and back-up support, specializing in ruminant nutrition.


We pride ourselves in helping farmers achieve their goals and love seeing the improvement in the health and performance of their stock.



  • A complete range of dairy pre-mix and additive pellets.

  • Specialise in additive pellets (mineral concentrates) for dairy, beef & sheep industries.

  • Cold pelleting process.

  • Aid acidosis control (grain poisoning).

  • Prevent metabolic issues.

  • Correct and balance mineral deficiencies.



  • Complete range of lick blocks for all types of livestock.

  • Cold pressed mineral blocks.

  • High Analysis.

  • Economical (2-3 cents per sheep per day).

  • Poured (molasses based lick blocks).

  • Customised lick blocks.


Farm Balance is an Australian owned company, operated by the Somerville family since 1990. The company manufactures a wide range of vitamin & mineral supplements for livestocks. 

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