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For more than 20 years Farm Balance has been working hand in hand with farmers in acheiving their goals and successes, through practical approach in farming methods and balanced nutrition. 

Dairy nutrition is essentially as simple as understanding the nutrient requirements of dairy cows at various stages of lactation and combining various feed ingredients to meet those needs in a cost-effective manner. However, many dynamic factors influence both nutrient requirements and nutrient availability from feeds. In addition, successful feeding of dairy cows requires accurate mixing and delivery of rations so that the diet fed is the same as the diet formulated.


Raising beef cattle for profit can be a satisfying enterprise. However, there are several management skills that each beef producer should have to be successful. Each beef cattle enterprise has different resources: land, labor, capital, feed and management. To raise beef cattle profitably, Farm Balance will help you manage these resources to maximize returns and to make the enterprise successful.


Farm Balance is here to assist sheep farmers in reaching their production goals. Increasing the quality of nutrition for your flock will help to increase yields, improve lambing percentages and aid in reducing metabolic diseases. Feed is the single largest cost associated with raising small ruminants, typically accounting for 60% or more of total production costs. Nutrition has a very large influence on flock reproduction, milk production, and lamb growth.



Farm Balance takes pride in taking care of our customers and their passion. We are able to assist you in customising and designing vitamin/mineral premixes, macros or supplements that are suitable to your livestock requirements.



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